About Tucker’s

Welcome to Tucker’s. Our mission is simple, to provide exceptional, sustainably sourced meat from around the world direct to your door.

About Tucker's

Tucker’s is a family business and we believe in providing a bespoke, personal service to every one of our customers, whether ordering online, from our first outdoor restaurant in Kingston upon Thames or from our very own Meat Shack that travels around the UK.

All our meats come from EU and Internationally approved farms and suppliers that ensures Tucker’s is only serving up 5 Star quality meats from sustainable sources.

So check out our new online shop, find us at festivals around the UK or at our outdoor restaurant in Kingston upon Thames where you will find us serving up the very best in exotic meats seven days a week.

Most of our game meats are renowned for their excellent health benefits. Meats such as Ostrich and Springbok are red meats that contain less fat, calories and cholesterol than traditional white meats such as Chicken. We believe that introducing these meats to your diet can benefit not just your taste buds, but also your waistline.

What Tucker’s does:

  • Any event you can think of: Festivals, Parties, Markets, Weddings, Balls, Concerts, Sports Events to name a few
  • Supplies the very best in exotic meats from around the world
  • Probably the best burgers this side of Cape Town
  • Award Winning Biltong
  • A whole lot of charm and fun with your burger

What Tucker’s doesn’t do:

  • Unethical sourcing- all Tucker’s meats are sourced from sustainable and ethical producers and distributors that comply with all EU and foreign legislations

What Tucker’s might do:

  • Make the worlds biggest Ostrich Burger
  • Invite Man vs. Food to do “The Tucker’s Challengeâ€?
  • Have a good old chinwag with you whilst you chow down on your scrumptious Patty, Banger or Boar

So get stuck in, ignite your taste buds and remember to eat it with a smile.

See you soon!
– The Meat Chief

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